Monday, October 4, 2021

Fauzan's new vocab surprise!!!

One fine evening....
Sedang Pakngah Daus mencangkul, cari cacing untuk ikan peliharaan.
Fauzan wander around aimlessly and was suddenly enticed with his Pak Ngah's work..

Fauzan said:
"Paknah Paknah (means Pakngah)....
Kau buat apa tu?"

Semua orang snapped for 5 freaking seconds.... looking at him
And laugh about it, the entire hour.....

Snapped, sebab the new vocab 'kau' .....
Gelak sebab Fauzan's 'naiveness ..... when he looked at our face, not knowing what he said wrong.

P/s: It was his new vocab learned from friends. It's healthy for him to socialize, but it is important for us adults, to polish it a bit with a jolly and kids-friendly advice.

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