Friday, August 4, 2017

The Muslim Initiative Debate: Islam and Feminism: Compatible or conflicting?

Is there any feminism concept in Islam?
Is liberalization of Islam, still Islam...
 Does secularisation in feminism, somehow taking us off the right Islamic tracks...

This wonderful Debate by Zara Faris is wonderful... click the link below for wonderful and enlightening summary. And, you may as well click on the other link to see the full version of the debate between Zara and Marina Mahathir.

MasyaAllah, wonderful and eye opening input... need to spread it here as well...

We often see the life through our own lenses.  How can we sees the beauty of life through Islam, when we care less to even open up the Quran?

Secularization by muslim often involved those with the shallowest knowledge of Islam and it's prophet.

May Allah have Mercy.

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