Thursday, August 3, 2017


Mom worried sick about my age and keep on asking if I happen to have any ‘you-know-who’ gentleman in my life. Basically in her kampung, getting married in the early 20’s is a must. At my age now, I look like a granny to her. 
My nephew just got a son on my birthday this year, therefore I am… after all, a granny.
Married or not, I am a granny now.

 In life, different people have different opinions regarding spouse.

My mom sees spouse as guardian. Replacing her role, as a mother to take care of me...

 My close friends, sees spouse as a good-looking gentleman that could stare at them and keeps on telling them how beautiful they are. Always with the love-expressing thing. Romantic stuff huh?

My small nephews and niece sees my future spouse as their additional source of duit raya….. 

But, How I see it?
I see spouse as a life mate, whom I could sneak and wear his socks, if I misplaced mine…


p/s: Sharing life is not an easy task. If both share the same purpose (Akhirah mission), then it's a relationship worth fighting for….

Cabaran mempertahan prinsip hidup untuk memberi...

Note to self: Tiada hidup yang tidak dilanda badai, tiada nikmat yang dikecap tanpa merasakan pahitnya didikan ujian... 


jodoh itu rahsia Allah.... jadi agak pening kalau tanya dengan manusia...


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