Saturday, August 5, 2017

Teka Teki Elham Pulak

Mula-mula, Abu Bakar cuba bagi soalan yang susah dijawab...

"Teacher, if a person lie on the bed, will he tell true or lie?"
"One more teacher, If Apple company happens to build cars, will they build Windows with it?"

Pening, campur kelakar....
Lepastu, Elham pulak,

"Teacher, what food zombies hate the most?"



         "But zombies don't eat right? They just infect others"


         "Give up. I don't know"

Okay. Zombie doesn't like fast food

          "Why So?"

Because they are slow. They don't like fast


O, Abu bagi lagi soalan pening.

"If you are using Samsung Galaxy smartphone, are you the Guardian of the Galaxy?"

May my brain have enough rest for the next class session......

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