Thursday, December 15, 2016

Predicting The Author: Novella by "L"


So I read this local book (pinjam dekat Mira, bila lah nak pi pulangkan ni!!) Beautiful: The monster within, written by local writer. The cover was superb. Even the synopsis was intriguingly previewed. So I dived in. The author insists to get recognition more on his or her writings more than name or gender he or she poses. Going by the content, language, emotions poured in this book, it somehow introduced me a female way of writing. Being able to define Islamic practice like typical malay muslim does, by the main character in it, simply conclude that this ‘L’ person is a malay-muslim individual. Not difficult to predict, but I’m not sure how true it is so far. Takda siapa yang boleh verify my thoughts ni.

There's another interesting words found in this book. The publisher's name is terfaktab.... utter it loudly and it surely sound like "The F*ck*d up!"...... Gee, what a name!

The story is about…… baca lah sendiri…haha

For sure, the plot is not very strong, but the way it was delivered was good. 

One thing I couldn’t forget is when the author telling stories about
this insignificant ‘Mohd’. How most malay muslim’s name were named after it. A name of a saint prophet placed on most men even sinners. And, okeylah. I’ll share some preview of the novel.

The novel is about common people, common family, common students whom behind all of those normal life and look, had lived within a very disturbing life. Disturbing sexual sex offenders preying on the main character, leading the monstrous side of him went out. Seeking revenge and kill.

That’s it. Baca sendiri.

It’s unfair to compare local writers and world best sellers book like Stephen King or John Grisham. But if anyone asking for stars, I might give one star out of five. 

p/s: Sharifah Abu Salim and Ramlee Awang Murshid could be an international best selling novelist….. if anyone could translate their work of art  without touching the content and value… those are author’s ultimate signature… sama level dengan John Grisham kot Ramlee Awang Murshid!!

Note to self: pornography feeds sex offenders and this was agreed by a real human trafficked victim in an interview on BBC channel!!

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