Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mom and English


My mom is an old humorous woman. It's her nature to form jokes when she's in a good mood, or if I am not in a good mood. She likes to swing her words here and there to make sure her witty joke tickles anyone in front of her. As me, my sister and nephew often speak mostly malay with some sprinkle of western words, mom somehow come to noticed it and trying to own some of the words, which is obviously fine by the way.

That is my super mom, and my nephew. She has a super power. 
Everything she cooked taste great.
Just like everyone, my mom got her own vocabularies you know. Words she often use and pronounce it her way. It's somehow seem like a private joke when I used English words like how my mom pronounce it. Trust me, she'll laugh when I mimic her way of pronouncing the words.
Now, my mom really make english sound like her native language. She really own any English words she uses. Not originally native, but it's like her version of English!
"Kacau lagi tepung tu sampai tek-cer dia halus" she meant texture.
"Hari ni masak lauk sample-sample ajer" she meant simple.
"Dik, tv ni jual-jual barang dok cakap lukedek ni apa lukedek ni?" ..... Dia cakap "look at that" mak, maksudnya, tengok tu produk yang dia promote to boleh buat macam-macam....
"Dik, tengokkan Danish tu, macam pelik je. Macam samping-rong" she meant something wrong....
Not to humiliate her. Far away from it. But just, so you know how us, as her children admire her bravery to use it at home (of course), to her children and her grandchildren. We laugh together sometime, yet she is so into using every frequent English words that we use at home.

Love ya mom!

p/s: Those who are not confident out there, please learn from this makcik...
Speak! Go on, make mistakes and learn more!

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