Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Our Play Production..... for theatre in TESL subject"


Big project for this semester is making this whole 'play' work!!
So many time and energy used up to put everything and everyone to work and i am included. Budget pun boleh tahan besar juga. Before you people started to guess what character I am in, well....I am not in a part of the acting or dancing scene. I'll be handling the sound effect and lighting behind the scene. No need for script and lines. Just sound...hehehehe....
JOM DATANG DAN TENGOK...(even though I won't be on the stage) please do come and experience the sound effect (^^,)hik hik hik...

(above is the banner. tapi, banner ni akan di ubah based on lecturer's advice...)

TIME: 7PM - 10PM

This play production is the whole class project. We had finish presenting short play in a small group, last month. We played ANASTASIA... Funny....the story line were supposed to be sad and tense, but i don't know somehow we kind are like turn it into a comedic play...LOL...

I was the narrator...(no need for make up and always....hihihi) an other crew and cast involve was, Sharon, Sures, Catherine, Kak Mas, Ida, Asma, Manvin, Zakiran, Maria, Shah and Ain...[>..<]

It was a good job...good play....and brilliant props...[^_^]
Sweet memory people...!!

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