Saturday, August 5, 2017

Teka Teki Elham Pulak

Mula-mula, Abu Bakar cuba bagi soalan yang susah dijawab...

"Teacher, if a person lie on the bed, will he tell true or lie?"
"One more teacher, If Apple company happens to build cars, will they build Windows with it?"

Pening, campur kelakar....
Lepastu, Elham pulak,

"Teacher, what food zombies hate the most?"



         "But zombies don't eat right? They just infect others"


         "Give up. I don't know"

Okay. Zombie doesn't like fast food

          "Why So?"

Because they are slow. They don't like fast


O, Abu bagi lagi soalan pening.

"If you are using Samsung Galaxy smartphone, are you the Guardian of the Galaxy?"

May my brain have enough rest for the next class session......

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Muslim Initiative Debate: Islam and Feminism: Compatible or conflicting?

Is there any feminism concept in Islam?
Is liberalization of Islam, still Islam...
 Does secularisation in feminism, somehow taking us off the right Islamic tracks...

This wonderful Debate by Zara Faris is wonderful... click the link below for wonderful and enlightening summary. And, you may as well click on the other link to see the full version of the debate between Zara and Marina Mahathir.

MasyaAllah, wonderful and eye opening input... need to spread it here as well...

We often see the life through our own lenses.  How can we sees the beauty of life through Islam, when we care less to even open up the Quran?

Secularization by muslim often involved those with the shallowest knowledge of Islam and it's prophet.

May Allah have Mercy.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Mom worried sick about my age and keep on asking if I happen to have any ‘you-know-who’ gentleman in my life. Basically in her kampung, getting married in the early 20’s is a must. At my age now, I look like a granny to her. 
My nephew just got a son on my birthday this year, therefore I am… after all, a granny.
Married or not, I am a granny now.

 In life, different people have different opinions regarding spouse.

My mom sees spouse as guardian. Replacing her role, as a mother to take care of me...

 My close friends, sees spouse as a good-looking gentleman that could stare at them and keeps on telling them how beautiful they are. Always with the love-expressing thing. Romantic stuff huh?

My small nephews and niece sees my future spouse as their additional source of duit raya….. 

But, How I see it?
I see spouse as a life mate, whom I could sneak and wear his socks, if I misplaced mine…


p/s: Sharing life is not an easy task. If both share the same purpose (Akhirah mission), then it's a relationship worth fighting for….

Cabaran mempertahan prinsip hidup untuk memberi...

Note to self: Tiada hidup yang tidak dilanda badai, tiada nikmat yang dikecap tanpa merasakan pahitnya didikan ujian... 


jodoh itu rahsia Allah.... jadi agak pening kalau tanya dengan manusia...